Dr. Thompson has served as a church leader since the age of 16. He has had a well-rounded experience in Christian ministries as well as secular endeavors—including graduating from a professional school in photography—a fashion and celebrity photographer for many years photographing some of the world’s most famous people and five U.S. Presidents including the present occupant of the White House —a still photographer on movie sets working with many popular producers, actresses and actors. Dr. Thompson has served as founder and leader in various outreach Christian ministries to youth in Chicago and Florida. Dr. Thompson has created and conducted youth and adult religious educational retreats and workshops in different parts of Florida for many years as well—he his called by those who know him a renaissance-man.  He always expresses that he sees himself more like a “shadow man.” One who lives in the shadows of other people’s perceptions of him. He speaks light from dark places and the Gospel from the other side of it as well. He believes there is much to learn in the shadows. I am a “shadow-man” who also loves the light.

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