Agape Global Ministries

Agape Global MInistry is a worlwide gospel outreach ministry designed to spread the unchanging Gospel in an ever changing world. The ministry in America was started in the South Side of Chicago in1971 by Dr. Arnold O. Thompson who at the time was an Evangelism major student attending the Moody Bible Institite in Chicago. Dr. Thompson along with a fellow student saw the need for an outreach Christian program for the youths on the South Side od Chicago–Cabrini-Green; youths living  in the tuff housing projects conditions at the time.  He also organised outreach ministries in juvinile detentions centers as well as adult prisons in Illinois, including the famed Joilet maximum prison, that was featured in the motion picture The Blues Brothers in its opening scene. It was thought he would bea good fit as the prison population at the time in the Seventies were mostly black. It was a dificult and sometimes dangerious task. He spoke there on Sunday mornings with prison guardes on either side of him. Dr. Thompson also  spent summer days living among the homeless and ministering to them on what was then called Chicago Skid Row–a stretch of 12 blocks at  West Madison where people with broken dreams and broken lives and no where left to go ended up. Some died in the streets when the nights got to cold and the alcohol no longer kept them warm. Dr. Thompson knows what it is to minister the Gospel at the bottom of life’s fragile stairways.

Agter graduating from Moody Bible Institute, Dr. Thompson matriculated to  Florida Atlantic University,  where he continued his youth ministry outreach at Pompono juvenile detention center and other youth outreach in the area, and during which he incorporated the ministry to include migrant workers that were assigned to agricultural farms in close proximity west of the University campus.

The youth ministries expanded to include all ages and to the establishing of a local Church in 1980. The Agape Community Bible Church was pastored by Dr. Thompson along with his wife for more than 30 years at which time he retired to launch his first love a Gospel ministry to the world in Agape Global Ministries.

The purpose of Agape Global Ministries is the focus of Dr. Thompson`s life–spreading the unchanging gospel in a changing world to everyone.
He believes the modern evangelical church is in a serious crisis. He contends the Evangelical church of which he  is apart and through which he has been schooled as a Doctor of Theology, has lost her authintic soul and purpose. The “lost sheep” is forgotten (Luke 15:4-6). The “lost coin” (Luke 15:8-9) is not deligently sought after anymore. The “lost son” (Luke 15:11-32) is no longer revalent to the modern Church family. This is the major spiritural crisis of our time.

AGM focuses on the spiritual crisis in the modern Church; the lost command, the lost concern, the lost cause of “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) and rejoycing over “sinners” –the forgotten people of the modern Church. Our goal is to work at reclaiming this lost cause through both the spoken word in various mediums, and the written words through various authored books.

The first of these books is entitled: THE DARK SIDE OF THE GOSPEL: Looking into the Darkness to See the Light.  It is the first of several ground breaking books to be published on the forgotten cause of the modern evangelical Christian Church.